Who am I

Frederik Banke

I got my first computer when I was 13 years old. It was an AMD 350 Mhz with a 10GB hard disk drive and Windows 98. Immediately my interest was peaked, how did the programs manage to respond to my input? How could I build my own programs, how was it possible that just by adding electricity to this box of electronics I was able to play games, surf the Internet and use all the other programs?

This curiosity took me down a path which I have walked ever since, building my knowledge about computers, programming, software architecture and software engineering in general. It leed me to get a master in Computer Science, which gave me more perspective on the possibilities computers provide us.

During my education I started, with three others, a web bureau, Tiger Media. For 13 years I was a partner in Tiger Media, where we build websites and e-commerce solutions. As the lead architect of our solutions, it allowed me to gain knowledge in a variety of fields, from aftermarket car parts, to clothing, to how print shops work and many other business types. Web development is an ever-changing area that has continuously evolved in this period; it motivated me every day to keep learning.

I sold my part of the business to follow a different path. Still with a focus on programming and technology. Since 2012 where I read the book “The warren buffet way,” I have been interested in investing, mostly because of the intellectual challenge. This book sent me on a journey in the massive area of investing, from fundamental analysis to technical analysis and much more.

As mentioned previously I hold a masters in Computer Science with a specialty in Machine Intelligence. Since I finished that education, I have always been interested in how to apply this knowledge.

To have a place where I can gather my thoughts on investment, and technology, in general, I have started this page where I will share my thoughts on this area. Feel free to comment on any of my articles; I’m always looking for ideas to contradict my understanding.

/Frederik Banke