Book Review: Working Effectively with Legacy Code

This book is from 2005 and with 420 pages it is a “normal” sized tech book. The purpose of the book is to describe how we can add features, fix bugs and refactor in legacy code bases with as much confidence as possible. The primary takeaway is to add tests to aid us when making changes.

The book does show some age in a few places where there have emerged tools to support us. But all in all the book contains good pointers on how to approach legacy code. Much of the advice borders to common sense, but I still think it is a good idea to have the concepts in mind because it is easy to forget and just edit and pray.

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Scalable baseline website setup with authentification and VueJS, Amazon S3 and .net core 2.1

For my projects, I need a generic website setup that I can reuse for multiple projects.

I want to try out the following setup. A frontend build in Vue served as static files from Amazon S3. A backend built with .net core 2.1 as a REST API presented with Swagger. Finally, using Googles firebase authentification for login requirements.

Since I need a baseline platform for multiple projects, it needs to be generic enough to allow me to reuse the setup. Most of my projects need a similar setup with a frontend exposed to anonymous users and a backend dashboard which requires authentification.

In this article, I am going to cover how I set up the Vue frontend. In later articles, I will cover the authentification and the backend.

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